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Outsourced Marketing for New Businesses

When you’re marketing a new business, you’ve got three big challenges: Lack of time (you’re stretched to the max as it is) Tight budget (and you’re worried marketing will turn into a money pit) Limited staff (and they—and you—are already juggling multiple roles) Outsourcing the marketing for your new business answers these challenges and then some. Here’s how. How can outsourced marketing help you grow… read more
18 Sep 2017

SEO Scams: Is That Email Legit?

If your business has a website, by now you’ve likely received at least one unsolicited email alerting you that your site needs immediate improvements. These alerts typically include vague promises to instantly get you to the top of Google or guarantee more traffic, sales, etc. While occasionally these emails can be sent from a legitimate organization or real person, the reality is that most of… read more
15 Aug 2017

How to Add a Facebook Cover Video to Your Business Page

Like many of Facebook’s updates and added features, cover videos for business pages have been quietly rolling out over the past few weeks. There isn’t much to go on right now from Facebook in the way of instruction or tips, so here’s what we’ve discovered about adding a Facebook cover video to a business page. Are Cover Videos Available for your Page? We first noticed… read more
19 Jun 2017